Our Services

At JCGREI, we create partnerships to invest in real estate. We have a number of different ways to achieve this goal, but the partnership is what we care about most. You’re not an employee or an investor, you’re a partner. We only profit when you profit.

We help our partner clients through every step of their investment:

1- Purchase

2- Establishment of our new company (if the case, we establish for you also the Holding)

3 - Asset Management and resulting income generation

4 - Resale to generate revenue or refinance to repeat the process

5 – Accounting services that fully comply with U.S. regulations

We offer all-inclusive property management services with our sister company JC Group Property Management. We guarantee the investor has the best possible protection for their investment. We screen for the best possible tenants using a service that allows us to select not only the person with the right references, but someone who has an excellent credit score in order to avoid unpleasant misunderstandings in the future. We make sure to conduct regular property inspections in agreement with the tenant, and the tenants will refer to us for any need regarding the management of the property. We take care of collecting the rent, paying the various utilities, and we will also undertake eviction procedures in case of default.

Why We Are Different

Investing in real estate can be a very profitable enterprise, but as with most businesses, the little fees can stack up and quickly eat into your profits.

With JCGREI, we’re able to mitigate a lot of real estate related expenses by owning a group of subsidiary companies that handle a lot of those tasks. If you hired a property management firm, you’d normally pay 10% of a property’s rent for those services. We have our own property management company, so those expenses are significantly less. A normal realtor would charge between 6 and 10% in commission when they sell a property, but our realtors only charge us 3%. Not only do we keep these costs down, we pay them out of our side of the business, not yours. Our legal team handles the leases and contracts, and our house accountants take care of the books. The fees for these services never hit your bottom line, and you won’t be surprised with them when it’s time to cash out your investment.

Why Is This A Good Deal

Our goal, and the structure of company, means that this is a passive income stream for you. You never have to screen tenants, worry about keeping the grass mowed, and nobody will ever call you when they need a plumber. Once you become a partner, we handle all the work with our group of subsidiaries that provide all the tools necessary to keep these investments profitable. Your only job is to check your bank account to see the profits rolling in.

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